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The body mass index (BMI) or Quetelet index is a value derived from the mass (weight) and height of an individual. The BMI is defined as the body mass divided by the square of the body height, and is universally expressed in units of kg/m2, resulting from mass in kilograms and height in metres.

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  • Profile picture Dr Ajay Mundra


    "A renowned Radiologist Dr. Ajay Mundra From Kurukshetra , Haryana, Lost 18.4 kg in 4 months. A TRUE example of hard work dedication and submission. Followed the program religiously and adopting all the provided tips and lifestyle changes."

  • Profile picture Mrs. Sapna Gupta

    It seems like, I am getting younger instead of getting old.

    "Mrs. Sapna Gupta who was initially very doubtful about the weight loss because she tried so many times but failed everytime. Now this time, after loosing the weight she is very motivated towards achieving the target . She has reduced around 10 kg in just 2 months. Have a look at her comment : " Happy 2 join arogyam. I lost 10 kg in just 2 months and I gained my health. My energy levels increased and skin has also improved. I am getting compliments for loosing weight and getting prettier day by day. The health coordinators are very caring and will never let me starve. I had ample to eat but all was healthy and the best part is they were all according to my taste. Now I can wear all those outfits that I have waited for so long to wear. Arogyam journey is worth the money I spent. Thank u Arogyam""

  • Profile picture Mrs. Smita Bansal

    15.7 KG LOSS IN 6 MONTHS

    "It is time to meet our new warrior, Mrs Smita Bansal ,aged 50 years, a house wife, from Delhi. She was Obese also having frequent attacks of Migraine with severe Left Knee pain. When showed to Orthopaedic doctor for knee problem ,was not able to get relief from the pain, then the Doctor advised her to reduce Weight. From there she made a goal of achieving an Ideal Weight according to her Age and Height.Then started searching Weight Loss consultant on internet. Without any direct reference or word of mouth , purely trusting on the information provided on our website, she took a decision to join Arogyam Wellness . She had full faith in Arogyam team. Religiously following the plans and modifying her Lifestyle started the journey of Weight Loss. As journey proceeds she started feeling lighter and her Knee pain start getting better . Moreover her attacks of Migraine were also controlled . She lost around 15.7 kg in 6 months and is now completely rejuvenated herself."

  • Profile picture NEHA MEHTA

    Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it's about being better than you used to be

    ""Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it's about being better than you used to be." So weight loss is not only about reducing your weight, it's about transforming yourself into the best version of yourself. Your health improvements, your nutritional requirements, your inch loss ... everything matters a lot. Do not just focus on your weight.... Just like our Star Achiever "Mrs. Neha Mehta"..... She just not reduced her weight but also gained her health. The issues which she was facing like Bad skin, energy levels etc has improved a lot now. We hope she will successfully maintain her weight & health. Let's congratulate her !!!! Stay Happy and Healthy Arogyam Nutrition"

  • Profile picture Mrs. Satwinder Kaur

    Another Success Story

    "Its an opportunity to introduce one of our precious gems Mrs Satvinder Kaur, age 45 yrs hailing from a small town Faridkot, Punjab. A very happy person at heart ..Always Smiling and Charged up.. Encouraging herself to do the best and standing like a pillar in managing the hospital of her Medico husband. Despite of having Hypothyroidism and Abdominal Hernia, joined AROGYAM for a Weight Loss journey . Her weight loss journey was also not easy because of the above mentioned Medical Issues. At times she too was demotivated in between but under the continuous guidance , supervision of of TEAM AROGYAM round the clock, monitoring her progress and ensuring her comfortable with everything in the journey. Gradually reduce 20 kg in six months. with dedication of workout and controlling bad food habits and wholeheartedly following our program. She also now adopted exercises and proper healthy diet as a part of life."

  • Profile picture Mrs. Rachna Goyal

    Thanks for the rejuvenation and making me confident and beautiful!!!!

    "I thought that I should write and express thanx to you and tell you about my recent Weight Loss success and its post effects. Within 6 months (April 2014 to September 2014) , I have been successfully able to keep 18 kg of baggage off. I am able to wear clothes that I thought would never touch my body again. I also have just reached my goal size for my upcoming brothe's wedding. Even my husband had to admit that I am looking much prettier than when he met me five years ago. My success has been contributed to faithfully following Arogyam Weight Management Program religiously every day. Wherever I go, so does my health plans. To work, shopping, even my long 7 hours long car rides (that does make for a lot of rest areas stops, but they are worth it.) I do treat myself to an occasional mineral water when I go out, but I have usually gotten my quota of water in for the day. Thanks for the rejuvenation and making me confident and beautiful!!!!"

  • Profile picture Anurag Goel


    "Dear Family, Today we are introducing one more personality------ Anurag Goel in Aaarogyam Family ------------------ He is very humble, soft spoken and a big dreamer. His dreams are very big for himself and wanted to completely rejuvenate himself.. He is a very motivated person started loosing weight from 138 kg and reached at 118 kg by his own efforts. But further when he got stuck and stopped loosing weight. Then he started the Aaarogyam program with a weight of 118.6 kg and in a span of just 5 months he is on 86.3 kg. He is a businessman and belongs to Hisar ( Haryana). Joined Aaarogyam fully on trust and has proved that rather than Distance it is Desire which matters. ------------- Had high blood pressure with sleep problem. But now all his medical issues are controlled, His mantra for this successful journey is ---- "If not now then when And if not me then whom" Wish u a good luck and many congratulations . Cheers Team Aaarogyam Wellness"

  • Profile picture Santosh Midha


    "Mrs. Santosh Midha Our weight Loss achiever Category : Seniour Citizens Age : 72 yr Total weight loss : 20 kg Duration : One year She was unable to walk and in her words she has learned walking again like child(the biggest achievement) with successfully controled Diabetes and Hypertension. In reallity, she has started a new life under guidance of Dr. Gushneet Madaan. Stay Healthy ... stay well !!!! Arogyam Nutrition Clinic for Excellence in Wellness & Weight Loss +91-9212374230 +91-9855500862"

  • Profile picture TARUN JAIN

    The Greatest Gift you can give to yourself and Your family is a Healthy You

    "The Greatest Gift you can give to yourself and Your family is a Healthy You I recommend thier diet plan to everyone who is looking for healthy diet plan and professional help , Dr. Richa garg and her team is highly knowledgeable and explain everything you ask them , They helped me to get rid of myths about food habits i had since childhood. following a diet is another thing and following a right diet for your body , medical condition and other issues is different thing.every individual has different body functioning They first understand you by each and every aspect of your lifestyle . About diet - They will never keep you starve i never felt starving during the whole period of 3 months. they can give you hundreds of option for healthy and tasty diet. some dishes are very easy to cook and some are little difficult but yummy . Follow up - Their follow up is nice they follow up regularly as per our convenience ( i personally thanks to Miss Sarika my coordinator )"

  • Profile picture NEELU MEHTA

    it has really provided me a good way of living. Now I am absolutely fit and fine woman.....

    "I still remember the days when I used to try many things in order to get rid of this fatness which once became a constant source of headache for me. But my every trial was in vein. Then I heard of this Aarogyam Health and Fitness Centre. This centre has really provided me a good way of living. Now I am absolutely fit and fine woman. By simply having control over my diet and doing some of the exercises I have loosen so much and that too only in three months. I have never thought of such fantastic and instant results. Now my ears are fed up of hearing good and healthy compliments. Now even i am not scared of attending any kind of party which earlier used to be my favourite haunt because of fatness. All thanks to Aarogyam Health and Fitness Centre. Thank You So Much! I am really very grateful to you. I also want to share my experience and the change I saw in myself after joining Aarogyam Health and Fitness Centre"

  • Profile picture AJAY HOODA


    "Before I join here I was in a dilemma, but now I am feeling satisfied that I choose a proper place to be fit & healthy. I tried few means/methods that include fasting/starvation/skipping meals to reduce my weight but could not achieve. However I never thought someone can ever lose weight by only eating correct food and maintain proper time. Best part with Arogyam was there was No Starvation, No Monotonous Diets, No Medicine and offcourse No Strenuous Exercise, I could never have imagined to have lost weight just with balanced diets and correct timings. Also it was easy to cook as there were no fancy/costly items. Diet plan was simple, easy to prepare with ingredients which are available in Indian kitchens and were well customized seeking ones requirement like outings/meetings/parties and eating habits. In my life time I always avoided salad, soup & fruits, but now my food system has completely changed. I have reduced my weight by about 9 kgs within 4 months. It has been a wonder"


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