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About Abhyagam with Swedana

The body of one who uses oil massage regularly does not become affected much, even If subjected to accidental Injuries or strenuous Workout, stress. By using oil massage daily, a person is endowed with pleasant touch trimmed body parts and becomes strong, charming and least affected by old age. Our skin is the largest organ of the body which has numerous Tiny pores (minute channels) which allows seepage of oil into deeper layers for internal Nourishment. Abhyangam Can be incorporated into a routine appropriate for almost everyone except During Menstruation, Pregnancy, High fever, Skin eruptions, acute illness or when there is high ama (toxins) or great physical discomfort.

The oil selection is based upon prakriti (basic body constitution) and Vikriti (current conditions). “ Abhyangam Should be resorted daily as It wards off old age exertion and aggravation of ‘Vata’” So at least 15-20 minutes massage practice should be done daily to get Abhyangam benefits . You can take professional help once a week to get deeper relaxation.


  • Imparts softness, strength and gloss to the body. Works as anti-ageing by increasing muscle & skin tone and increases longevity. Improves sleep quality. Strengthens the body’s tolerance. Limbs becomes more flexible and strong. Stimulates internal organs by improving circulation. Shiroabhyangam is particularly beneficial to relive stress and promotes hair-growth and reduces facial wrinkles. Padabhyangam (Feet Massage) makes feet strong and firm.
  • Enhances vision, alleviates stiffness, roughness, fatigue and numbness of feet particularly in diabetes.
  • It also prevents plantar fascitis.


Swedana is an individually Herbalised steam bath, during which the head is kept cool while the body is heated to remove mental, emotional and physical toxins lodged deeply within the tissues. The cool head provides a sense of calm and openness while the therapeutic steam over the entire body can penetrate and cleanse deeply, without the body becoming overheated and stressed. Always try to experience the magical effects of herbal steam after Abhyangam. It is the finest way to eliminate unwanted waste materials from body with the help of herbal steam. This will open up the energy channels, reduce stiffness and pain and relaxes muscles and rejuvenates the body. Combining a steam bath with oil massage gives more impact and helps in more joint flexibility. We should feel proud of on our ancient wisdom and royal ways to take care of ourselves. The way our ancestors were into a system of rejuvenation everyday (pressing legs and feet, Abhyangam , physical labour , organic food ) is really commendable.