Who do not want to be in shape & look slim? Of course, all of us! To maintain the beauty, many of us are working hard to keep their body in shape and hence is ready to go for anything just to lose weight. People pay hefty amount for gym and fitness training centres for their weight loss and health.  We stop eating our favourite foods to look slim. Many of us are opting for some meal replacement shakes, medicines or supplements for this purpose.However, we generally ignore the simple healthy eating habits that have a major role in weight loss & health. Structured eating plan with menu selection is only one aspect of healthy eating. Menu is important but it not everything, it would be complete if followed with eating rituals. It has been beautifully illustrated in Ayurveda in ample detail that how important are your habits and their role in well-being.

     “How we eat is as important as what we eat.”

 Methodical & disciplined eating helps to extract best out of food for body & soul. Food is not just to fill the stomach; it is to nourish every cell of the body. Let us look at some of the healthy eating habits that will surely help you to lose weight & fat :- 
  • Morning Detox: After you wake up early in the morning, have 300-500 ml of plain water. followed by a detox drink, any herbal tea or herbal juice based upon your body type to give a kick to the metabolism.
  • Drink your food: Its an old saying that we should drink our food rather than eating.  This is one of the healthy food habits as slow chewing of food will help you in digesting the food well and lowers down your calorie intake. Every morsel should be chewed 32 times. As it is said that it takes around 20 minutes to realize that you have eaten fully after you consume any food.
  • Golden 75:25 Rule: Divide your stomach into imaginary four parts & Food divided according to its state. Consume solid food in 50% of space, liquids 25%, keep empty the remaining 25%, to maintain space for digestive juices and gases for better digestion.  Never ever overstuff yourself.
  • Avoid an liquid or green tea or slim tea just after meal: As the golden 75:25 rule is telling us to keep some space, drinking just after meal would be violation of this rule. Maintain a gap of 45 minutes to 1 hour before consuming anything else post meal.
  • Meal timings: Eat At fix intervals, to set the body clock. Right amount of digestive juices & enzymes will work on your ingested food on right time to boost up metabolism and aids to weight loss.
  • Follow 12: 12 clock: your first meal will decide your last meal timings. for example, if you wake up a 6 am, taking breakfast at 8 am, means finish your dinner by 8 pm. Consider your eating clock of 12 hours only.
  • Eat before you feel excessively hungry: It is always seen that once you get hungry, you tend to eat more than your usual quantity. It is because pancreas secretes more insulin which leads to control of body sugar. And hence, increase in fat consumption.
  • Maintain Optimum Hydration:  yes, be careful, I am not advising you to have a lot of water. The word optimum has been used to define quantity of water. It means drink as much as your body needs. For sake of weight loss drinking gallons of water is not going to be worth. Water is the best cleanser, as we need water right from waking up to the bed. But keep in mind not to gulp down bottle at once. It should always be consumed sip by sip for better functioning. The best indicator of hydration adequacy is your urine color. If you find it yellowish means a little more water is needed, but if it is clear means taking adequate fluids. Excess water intake could be a reason for dizziness and bloating.
  • Sitting Cross Legged: It is the ideal if your knees are flexible enough. Avoid standing meals for better digestion.
  • Avoid incompatible food combinations: Incompatible foods (Virudh aahar) are slow poisons. Milk and citrus fruits, melons and other fruits, banana and milk, fish and milk are the few examples, when consumed together are incompatible.
  •  Eating food is a Ritual: Do not try to be multitasking while having food. Watching tv, mobile, talking to someone, emotional disturbance, playing, all this should be avoided while having food. Eat with full concentration and positive thoughts to get the best out of it.
  • Maintain food order according to its taste: Sweet, sour, salt, pungent, bitter and astringent, it should be the order of having food in Vedic diet plan. However, it is little difficult, as dishes prepared now a day are too complex.
 To sum up: Tune in with your gut, listen to your stomach & instinct and gather knowledge to follow a path of good health. You will surely achieve your targets.  In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!