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About Program

We always need to maintain our achievements. And so we provide an effective and fruitful way to maintain your achievement towards your target weight. Idealy a body will adapt your lost weight in exxcatly double the time period of your weight loss. Your body is unstable now, with your smart efforts it will accept the changes. Its slow and gradual process as now your attitude may turn to more casual. But maintenance needs more efforts than weight loss as there are no clearcut guidelines for maintenance. 

Aim of program

  • To maintain the lost weight.
  • To convert your do not’s into occasional dos. 
  •  To make you learn how to include your favourite foods without gaining weight.
  • To  educate you about planning a diet including all food groups.
  • To maintain nutritional status of your body.

2 Months Diet Plan

1 Month Food Diary Analysis

1 Month Follow Up

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Suitable for -

    - for all who have lost weight recently

How it Works?

It's a 16 weeks plan in which -

  • 8 weeks we will plan your diet.
  • Next four weeks – you have to get checked your food and lifestyle journal. 
  • Last four weeks- follow up will be done to ensure about diet , lifestyle and health. 
  • We expect when you can maintain your weight for four months, you can do it forever also.

We Will Lead, You Just Follow !!