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About Program

What you eat makes a difference to you and your baby, and right now you want the best for the little one in you. Adequate nutrition before and during pregnancy has greater potential for a long term health impact than it does at any othe time for you as well as for your baby’s health. Smart eating plan can keep you and your baby in the best state of health.

Aim of program

  • To provide food with increase in nutritional requirements depending on the nature of metabolic changes of pregnancy and the nutrition reserves of the mother.
  • To help you in selecting food in complicated conditions because many women experience strong food dislikes and craving.
  •  To correct the faulty beliefs and wrong food habits during pregnancy.
  • To provide dietary and herbal support for general problems like nausea, vomiting, constipation, edema, heart burn, cravings, weight gain during pregnancy, anemia, hypertension, Gestational diabetes etc.
  • To provide psychological support to deal with mood swings during pregnancy.
  • To guide about suitable Lifestyle and physical activity beneficial for mother and fetus.

Suitable For

  • All Pregnant females for healthy Pregnancy.
  • Obesity during pregnancy.
  • Gestational diabetes.
  • Pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH).
  • And carrying other Pregnancy risk factors.

We Will Lead, You Just Follow !!

1 Month Program

Dietary changes will be done as per your feedback after a week. Close monitoring will be done regarding diet and body changes.

₹4400 4 Sessions
3 Month Program

Dietary recommendations will be revised either after every two weeks (fortnightly) or one week based upon your feedback and health condition

₹5500 | 8800 6 Sessions | 12 Sessions
6 Month Program

Dietary recommendations will be revised after every 2 weeks (fortnightly) based upon your feedback and health condition.

₹9900 | 13200 12 Sessions | 24 Sessions
8 Month Program

This is a complete package for your 8 Months pregnancy. Dietary modifications will be done after every 15 days (fortnightly)that is customized based upon your feedback and health.

₹12100 | 16500 16 Sessions | 32 Sessions
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