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About Program

Weight Gain Transformation Program is a goal oriented  program designed with aim of  gaining lean body weight & reach your ideal body composition. Helping you to reshape your dream body is our aim.
What makes our program unique is that we do not focus merely on a number on the scales. We help you to improve your body composition. That means our main focus is on gaining lean body weight without increasing your fat percentage.
We assist you in accomplishing your goal by guiding you in the formation of new diet & lifestyle habits which, in addition to sorting out minor health issues , also support proper digestion & improve your health.
We believe that being fit & eating right is a way of life, not just a temporary fix. We help you set & achieve your health & fitness goals for permanent results. Your results will be achieved by following a nutritious & well balanced diet plan & exercise routine. We do not recommend any mass gainers, steroids, pills or any unnatural methods. Our aim is to bring you close to nature leading to a positive path in life.

Aim of Program

  • Help you to gain lean body weight & create a toned  figure/physique that you desire.
  • Help you in busting all the myths about fitness & nutrition.
  • To make you learn an eating pattern that best suits your likes-dislikes, work schedules, culture, geographical location lifestyle pattern & goals.
  • Help you to inculcate new eating and lifestyle habits, so that you can maintain well.
  • Help you in creating a balance in your biochemical parameters.
  • The plan will work as antiaging and Rejuvenating tool also.

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Suitable For
  • Underweight (BMI < 18.5)
  • Less muscle mass 
  •  Sports persons to increase stamina 
Sailent features of weight gain program
  • Tailor made Weight Gain Diet Plan
  • Dos and donot’s  
  • Healthy Snacking/munching options (home made/ready to eat)
  • Guidelines for healthy cooking
  • Guidelines for eating out
  • Recipes for making yummy & nutritious food(on demand)
  • Understanding Fitness Mantras
  • workout Guidelines
  • Travel/ Vacation diet plan

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